Last Saturday, CBOQ Kids welcomed almost 150 people to the Raptors 905 Faith/Family game. Not only did they witness a Raptors 905 victory (along with some highlights), they also heard from Derek Cooke Jr and Rodney Pryor.

After the game, everyone under the age of 13 was given the opportunity to get a player’s autograph and take 1 shot on court. Afterwards, we gathered in section 2 for our post-game program.

First, Rodney Pryor and Derek Cooke Jr shared their testimonies about how they met Jesus and ways he’s impacted their lives. At the end, they offered 3 words of encouragement to the crowd:

  • Read the Bible so you can be grounded in truth.
  • Keep in fellowship with each other.
  • Keep praying to God.

Then every child and youth got a chance to participate in on-court activities, winning some prizes as well. One student from Calvary Baptist-Toronto won 4 courtside seats to the Raptors 905 last home game (by scoring against Tanya Yuen). Then we gathered for a final group picture.

In the midst of the fun and excitement, it’s our desire for faith conversations to spring from this event. While it’s great to build memories as a family and youth group, it’s even more vital to seek Jesus and to encourage others in that journey as well.