A couple of caveats with this: 

  • Do not presume your youth ministry mandate/objectives/methods are exactly the same as they were pre-pandemic. In some cases, you may have youth who did connect with your youth ministry in the last few months who are not geographically able to meet in-person. Your strategies may need to be revised in light of new factors. 
  • Your youth ministry is not meant to be all-encompassing. Whether through CBOQ or other networks, you are part of a greater community: the body of Christ! Find out what ways your fellow youth leaders are ministering. Perhaps some of your youth could benefit from the ways in which they are serving youth. 

This may be a great (or necessary) time to do a ministry audit (www.cboqyouth.ca/ministryaudit) to see how your youth ministry’s approach could be reframed. Note: The depth of your ministry audit will be determined by how far into the future you’re attempting to project. Your adjustments for the next few weeks will be different than your more substantial adjustments aimed at the next 2 years. (For the latter, see Considerations 1 and 2 under “Long Term”.)