Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  One of our key Baptistic principles is association, that we can be better when we work together. That includes supporting and being supported by others.

In our Canadian Baptist circles, we have different layers of association. Regionally, we have associations (in fact, 16 of them). There are some vibrant networks within associations such as the Western Association, Toronto Baptist Ministries and the Ottawa Association. As CBOQ, we are a collection of over 350 churches, supporting one another. Globally, we’re connected with the Baptist World Alliance, representing over 47 million Baptists across 121 countries. Our Baptist family network spreads both near and far.

In many areas, there are local ecumenical youth ministry networks where youth pastors gather regularly to support one another. Because of their proximity and common focus on Jesus, they can more readily support one another and provide cooperative opportunities.

Whichever association you choose to connect with, choose at least one network where you can both be fed–and feed others–for the sake of Christ. If you’re not sure how to connect, contact Alvin.