5 02, 2022

Blizzard 2022

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We are excited to be hosting our 22nd high school winter retreat: BLIZZARD! Due to changing circumstances, we’re hosting a satellite retreat where your group can choose to join us in your own in-person gathering or as a group online. This year, we're making Blizzard FREE! (If you'd like to help offset our expenses, feel free to e-transfer to donation@baptist.ca or online with pw "youth2000"; just include "Blizzard 2022" in

22 01, 2018

Avalanche 2018 – review

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Almost 500 jr. high students and leaders converged on Muskoka Woods this past weekend for our 18th Avalanche retreat. While everything didn't always go according to plan, here were some key highlights: Our Friday night began with a "bang" (see the end of the video to the right). Students were challenged with key life questions like, "Do they want to pursue Jesus as their greatest hope?" and "How will

20 01, 2018

Avalanche 2018

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Avalanche is more than just a weekend retreat – it is often a life changing experience for many students. It is a chance for junior high students to join with 500 other young Canadian Baptists and see that they are not alone in their journey towards Jesus. Through high quality small group experiences, musical worship and engaging teaching, we aim to inspire your students, whether Christians or not, to begin

19 01, 2015

Avalanche 2015 review

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It's been less than 12 hours since all students, leaders and staff left Muskoka Woods. For 40 hours, we went from -25'C weather on Friday night to a "balmy" +2'C on Sunday. In fact, half the snow was sliding off the Music Hall. In that time, we've heard stories of many students seriously considering how God views them in light of what was shared. Chris Tompkins, our speaker, challenged "You're

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