Almost 500 jr. high students and leaders converged on Muskoka Woods this past weekend for our 18th Avalanche retreat. While everything didn’t always go according to plan, here were some key highlights:

  • Our Friday night began with a “bang” (see the end of the video to the right).
  • Students were challenged with key life questions like, “Do they want to pursue Jesus as their greatest hope?” and “How will you reveal Jesus to those back home?” They took time to delve into these questions both on their own and in their small groups.
  • Our sessions included mesmerizing illusions with Carrie Rostollan and energetic worship led by All Rescued Children.
  • The weather was relatively mild with led to a lot of fun outside (including several snowmen built around the campus).

On a personal note, while we did have some glitches, I was thankful for a team that stepped up to manage and resolve those issues.

I’m always blown away by the commitment of both our retreat team and group leaders who come to serve these students. It’s my hope that each student (and leader) might take a step closer to Jesus within the 40 hours of Avalanche.