Last weekend, almost 400 jr. highs, leaders and staff set out on a road trip to Muskoka Woods for our first in-person retreat since 2020. There was snow, food and so many memories made. We even had a travelling suitcase where our MCs, team captains and Karra emerged from to join our plenary sessions in the Hangar.

We had several people comment, “It’s good to be back together for Avalanche.” Everyone was reacclimating themselves to what a weekend retreat is like. I (Alvin) know there was some rust on the old “retreat muscle memory”. While there were some glitches, our guests were gracious in working with our staff.

Karra Busse, our speaker, challenged us with one key thought: is Jesus the driver in your life? That is ultimately the key question Jesus asks us, and many youth responded in how they would take the next step closer to Him.

We are grateful for how God gathered us for this road trip, and where he will continue to drive us towards.

Avalanche 2023 staff