22 01, 2018

Avalanche 2018 – review

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Almost 500 jr. high students and leaders converged on Muskoka Woods this past weekend for our 18th Avalanche retreat. While everything didn't always go according to plan, here were some key highlights: Our Friday night began with a "bang" (see the end of the video to the right). Students were challenged with key life questions like, "Do they want to pursue Jesus as their greatest hope?" and "How will

26 03, 2014

How effective is your ministry today?

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Evaluation and feedback are key in helping to see if a ministry is continuing the direction God has given. Regular feedback (whether informal or in a more structured approach) helps to give a "pulse" of where things are at. Every couple of years, it's worthwhile doing an audit of your ministry. The purpose of an audit is to give an accurate snapshot of where things are at. It takes your

12 02, 2014

From the Mountaintop to the Valley

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Tube run at Muskoka Woods Another season of winter retreats have come and gone. This last weekend saw almost 400 students and leaders gather at Muskoka Woods in cold temperatures and lots of snow. God moved in ways that could never be programmed. Many students publicly demonstrated their desire to follow Jesus. We even had stories of how one student shared about Jesus to another while walking up

4 02, 2014

When things DO go according to plan

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At Blizzard 1 this past weekend, when people asked me (Alvin) how I felt the weekend was going, my response was, "Too smoothly." Yes, there were some minute glitches here and there, but generally speaking, things went according to plan. All our churches arrived by 10:00pm. All the waivers were signed properly (I can't remember if that's ever happened in the last 38 Avalanches and Blizzards). We were on schedule.

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