tube run

Tube run at Muskoka Woods

Another season of winter retreats have come and gone. This last weekend saw almost 400 students and leaders gather at Muskoka Woods in cold temperatures and lots of snow. God moved in ways that could never be programmed. Many students publicly demonstrated their desire to follow Jesus. We even had stories of how one student shared about Jesus to another while walking up the tube run, only to have the other commit to Christ. Students coming to Jesus on a tube run! (Who knew?)

Mountaintop experiences are vital to the faith development of students. They are the milestone markers which they can look back on and remember moments when God moved in their lives. A well-used example was Jesus’ transfiguration with Peter, John and James. Yet, in nature, very little grows on a mountaintop. As one pastor pointed out to me, fruit grows in the valleys. The valleys are the every-day moments in life that at times feel mundane or difficult or inconsequential. But is in those valleys that God takes the mountaintop lessons and works in transformative ways in individuals.

As you come down the mountaintop, may you see Jesus in a different way than you may have seen him before in the every-day moments of your day, your week and your life.