One Baptistic value we hold is “association”. While every church has its own autonomy and can individually discern where God is leading them, many congregations recognize they can’t do everything by themselves. Even the formation of our area associations and CBOQ itself is based on this.

Two specific examples of association are our CBOQ Youth retreats and Centre Court events. Retreats like Avalanche and Blizzard require a certain critical mass to accomplish. They expose students to other clusters of Christian youth outside their own group, and give them a sense of belonging to something bigger that spans cities, provinces, nations and even time. Many youth leaders, both paid staff and volunteers, see the synergy created by multiple church groups coming together. CBOQ’s administrative oversight also minimizes the logistical work local leaders do so that they can focus on the students themselves.

Another example is our Centre Court event. Our numbers not only provide tickets at a discounted price, but allow us access to the court and having a Raptor give his testimony for our post-game program. Most of our churches would not be able to do this on their own, but together, we can create unique experiences for our students.

If you haven’t considered being part of these experiences, we invite you to consider it. If you’re not sure how they may fit within your ministry’s strategy, contact Alvin to discuss it further, along with any other questions you might have.

After all, together with God, we can do so much more.