The Scriptures remind us to be grateful for all that God has blessed us with (whether or not we see them as blessings is another story). Psalm 136 reminds us that we can be thankful because God’s love endures forever.

As we head towards Thanksgiving this weekend, perhaps you’d like to consider these items as part of your prayers of thanksgiving:

  • God’s love, grace and justice
  • for the family and friends who surround you
  • for moments of peace in the midst of chaos or stress
  • for the ministry he’s invited you to participate in
  • for the students he’s entrusted you with
  • for the parents of those students (pray for parents in your church, and for those who aren’t)
  • for your church family that supports and encourages you
  • for those who seem to be in opposition

What or who else would you like to add to this list?

Father God, we thank you for this family of youth workers who you’ve entrusted in ministry, and for the impact the lives of thousands of youth across Ontario and Quebec have had on young people and their families (even though it may not feel like that all the time). We ask, Holy Spirit, for your care upon them and their families, and for strength and perseverance in the chaos of youth ministry. Thank you that you love them and you love those youth more than we can ever imagine. Thank you Jesus that we can trust these prayers with you, and ask in your Name, Amen.