Last week, our Canadian Baptist Youth and Family team met together. This semi-annual gathering allows us to pray and discuss what opportunities might be available for us nationally.

CB Youth & Family team exists to advocate for and make possible national and global synergies in the areas of youth, family and young adult ministry.

In order to achieve this, there are four objectives:

  1. Make possible both national and global youth and family ministry opportunities.
  2. Host National youth and family leader gathering(s) (such as the forum from last April which resulted in the Imaginative Hope vision, soon to be mailed to all Canadian Baptist churches).
  3. Pooling. Co-Creating and Cross promotion resources.
  4. Providing a national voice for Canadian Baptist youth and family in a broader context.

Those two days opened up possibilities for us to consider on behalf of the over 1000 Canadian Baptist churches across Canada. Many of our churches are already providing cross-regional experiences. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to explore ways to synergize it to the next level.

Because of our vast geography, it’s hard sometimes to bring together a national voice. But God continues to speak to our nation, whether it’s through the CB Youth and Family team, through our churches or through individual Canadian Baptists faithfully loving God with all their heart, soul and strength.

“God keep our land, glorious and free.”