Last week, directors from our Canadian Baptist partners in youth and family gathered. These semiannual meetings aren’t just to catch up. They are times to discern how we can come together at a national level with discernment from the Holy Spirit.

CB Youth and Family’s mandate is to advocate and make possible national and global synergies in the areas of youth, family and young adult ministry. Some elements that we faciliate:

  • Pooling and cross-promoting resources (e.g. curriculum, leadership training, activities).
  • Cross-regional learning experiences (both within Canada and internationally).
  • A representative voice to larger contexts (like the BWA and EFC).

Within our Baptist polity, the local congregation has the autonomy to discern God’s directives. That also applies to each of our denominational offices when discussing national issues. However, similar to our Baptist distinctive of association, we recognize that some things are best addressed together.

We have some exciting plans to be released in the coming months. Continue to pray for this team as we gain clarity on where God may be taking us nationally as Canadian Baptists.