Can you believe Christmas is only 27 days away? The advent season has begun. What will make it unique for you and/or your youth ministry this year?

Here are some thoughts:

What “out of the routine” adaptation can you make? Sometimes we get so used to tradition/routine that we miss the essence of Christmas. Try varying what you do, for example if you always serve at a soup kitchen, try serving in another way at a different charity or ministry this year.

Is there a particular person God is drawing you towards? See if God “taps you on the shoulder” to reach out to someone new this year. Look for places–and people–where hope missing. How can you bring it there? Jesus is the light of the world. And he equips us to bring light to places where there is darkness and despair. Maybe there is a person, a household or an area in your neighbourhood or even beyond that God is reaching through you.

Write down what you’re expecting this Advent season, both in terms of experiences, feelings and thoughts (before December 1 is a good time). Seal it and put it aside until after the Christmas holidays (i.e. January 8). At that time, open it and see whether what you expected actually happened or if something completely different transpired.

Ultimately, remember Jesus, who came into the world for our sake and the sake of humanity.