At our office, we’re in the middle of switching our email system from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange (that’s been a long time coming). As part of an implementation team, we designed a plan that seemed to be solid and well thought out. We thought had answered all the pertinent questions. But as we started moving forward with it, a lot of unforeseen details came out that we never did consider.

Rarely does anything in life or in ministry roll out the way we first envision it. There will always be details that were not considered but may have a profound impact. Science experiments even account for this when discussing what assumptions were made and what factors, in retrospect, were not considered.

It’s good to have a plan. It’s good to discern where God is taking this ministry and how he wants to see changes happen. But be ready to make adjustments (both big and small) as you go along, because you can’t know every single detail that you’ll encounter.