This week, we gather with friends across all our churches. It’s really a family reunion of our CBOQ tribe. (You can decide who’s the crazy uncle at the family gathering.)

There’s lots happening in the next few days:

  • David Fitch, our plenary speaker, will help us understand some of God’s movements in our culture today. Did you know our plenary sessions (Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday midday) are FREE for EVERYONE?! 
  • We have a variety of learning sessions to help you move forward in key church ministry areas, including one that Tanya and I will be leading called “Lost in Transitions” on Saturday morning. There’s still room for you to register. 
  • Thursday night is our late-nite gathering for youth leaders and those young at heart. RSVP with Alvin if you’d like to come.

Whether you’ve gone most of your Baptist life or have never been, you’re always welcome to the family gathering. We’ll see you in a few days.