Many churches are seeking ways to bridge the generations within them. Some methods work; others don’t seem to fit well. We’re excited to be hosting one of the learning sessions at Assembly where we’ll be exploring intergenerational ministries outside the Sunday service context.

The learning session is feature four panelists:

  • Gene Tempelmeyer (lead pastor at Spring Garden Church)
  • Freddy Lam (youth pastor at Markham Chinese Baptist Church)
  • Tanya Yuen (children and family ministries coordinator at CBOQ)
  • Rodney Vis (managing director at Camp Kwasind)

Our attending delegates with our panelists will explore this subject from four different perspectives:

  • from a church-wide viewpoint (Gene)
  • from one-on-one mentoring relationships (Freddy)
  • from a denominational/macro view (Tanya)
  • from both spiritual parenting and camp/mission opportunities (Rodney)

We’ll be learning from each other in seeing how we can strengthen intergenerational relationships within the church. We’d encourage you to register online. (Please note this learning session is not exclusive to just CBOQ members.)

In the meantime, if you’d like to offer topics or questions, you can leave it in the comments section or email Alvin.