Another Assembly has passed. Over 500 of our family members visited, shared, inspired and challenged each other. By all accounts, it’s good to be with family.

Dr. Anna Robbins expanded on the theme “Open Doors” (a more thorough summary will be on the CBOQ website). Matt Wilkinson elaborated on the findings from the CB Youth Forum. We had over 30 people hanging out at Chop Steakhouse (even some senior pastors “crashed” the party … we’re good with that). So many stories, smiles and sometimes tears in prayer were shared.

There are some people I (Alvin) get to see annually. We recognize that it’s our bond in Christ that sparks our friendship, no matter how much time has passed. And we have opportunities to establish new friendships as well (with a free bag of Smart Food, courtesy of Camp Kwasind).

This was indeed a family reunion. But it’s deeper than that. It’s a moment when a representation of our churches stand together before God to ask and hopefully answer the call to “open doors”.

BTW, if you want colour pages of our youth staff, let me know. (Great find by Tanya Yuen.)