August is about to endSeptember is just around the corner, and while winter feels far away, some of you are asking what’s happening with Avalanche and Blizzard. Good news! Avalanche and Blizzard are still on! Avalanche is scheduled for January 15-17, 2021 and Blizzard for February 5-7, 2021. 

How they are carried out may look different from previous years, but the purpose of offering high-quality experiences, musical worship and engaging teaching for youth that focus on the powerful and life-changing love of Jesus has not changed. Our planning teams have started brainstorming about what our retreats will look like for coming season. We are working on 3.5 different delivery systems (yes, there’s a half in there): 

  • Hosting our retreats like we have the past 20 years at Muskoka Woods with all of our guests onsite if we are able to return to pre-COVID parameters. (Update on October 23, 2020: This option is no longer available.)
  • Hosting in satellite locations. If groups are not able to gather in large numbers but smaller groupings (i.e. church groups) are allowed, then we’ll have both online and in-person group experiences available. 
  • Remote hosting to individuals at home. If we are in a situation where everyone must remain at home, we’ll modify our online and live opportunities. 
  • The “half”: A blending of one or two of these options. 

We recognize a lot can happen between now and January 15. We may need to readapt our retreats in ways we’ve never considered before. We ask for your prayers for our team as we navigate the coming monthsWe continue to pray for you and your youth ministry through these coming weeks. 

We hope to have registration and promotional materials out by November 2 so you can start encouraging your students to join us. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/ideas/suggestions, contact Alvin.