After each retreat season, someone inevitably asks me which one was better. After going through 31 separate Blizzard retreats, I’ve realized that, from a life transformation perspective, each one has its own unique distinctions.

For Blizzard 1, Leanne and Dallas Friesen used 4 sign posts to see where Jesus reroutes us: intersection, detour, one way and traffic lights. (For those who attended, see if you can remember what each one represented in the comments section.)

Sid Koop, during Blizzard 2, drew us into a deeper understanding of what it means to “abide in Christ”. His emphasis looked more at the being with Christ vs the doing with Christ. (Again, elaborate on what each of his sessions’ focus were in the comments below.)

We’ve heard numerous of significant spiritual conversations and decisions taking place both during and after Blizzard. Here were some soundbites from both weekends:

Great core gospel truth. My teens are starting to recognize what an “intersection” in life looks like. – Jason E.

Breaking our routine and getting away for a weekend of worship, fun, and challenging teaching is a big encouragement to my students. Brittany-Ann A.

“A” is a 20 year old girl with special needs. This was her first and last time at Blizzard (she is graduating this year). I am so glad that she came because she decided to follow Jesus this weekend. She learned that Jesus loves her. – Kari S.

The retreat itself wasn’t something that caused a spiritual impact in my opinion. However I do think it acted as a catalyst for creating discussion and creating real community between the kids and leaders. – Jeremy R.

We continue to pray that the inclinations that began/catalyzed at Blizzard will spring into something deeper in each student’s life. We also pray for the many youth leaders and mentors who surround these students as they hopefully continue to follow Jesus’ rerouting in their lives.

Check out the photo albums for both weekends on Facebook.