The Christmas season is usually full of energy (perhaps a feeling of hurriedness). We celebrate the birth of Christ on earth with gusto. But we need to sometimes step back.

In Luke 2, there are two instances the Bible tells us where Mary stepped back and “treasured these things in her heart.” Once was after the shepherd’s exclamation (Luke 2:19) and the other happened several years later when Jesus stayed at the temple in Jerusalem for three days (Luke 2:51b).

During Christmas time, I regularly refer to these two passages because Mary took time to step back and treasure those moments in her heart. In the first instance, Luke includes “ponder.” It may not have completely made sense to Mary, but she captured it internally and revisited it every so often.

Part of the reason why I keep referring to these two passages around this time of year is because, in our Christmas preparations, we tend to miss moments where miraculous occurrences surround us. Those moments don’t completely make sense at the time, but they are worth internally capturing so we can ponder them later.

This Christmas season, may the treasure Jesus offers–both in the moment and in eternity–be ones that you treasure and ponder.