With less than one month left in the school year, it’s a natural time to celebrate. Even if you have a lot of activities planned, having a time to bring closure to another mnistry cycle allows for reflection and thanksgiving for what God has empowered the last 10 months.

At CBOQ Youth, we have much to celebrate:

  • over 2000 students and leaders influenced through our events
  • dozens of churhes and individuals we’ve been privileged to journey alongside significantly as they discern God’s next steps
  • the movement that mentoring and intergenerational relationships are being built within many churches
  • the continued partnerships we have with camps and other parachurch ministries

In Jesus’ time, the Jewish people knew how to (and the Hebrew word is) PAR-TAYYYYY (actually, it really isn’t). So, this month, celebrate what God has done!

PS  We’d love to hear what God has done, and how you’ve celebrated. You can leave a comment below or share those stories on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.