They say that nothing in life is constant except change. It is inevitable. For many, June is a time for changes, with students graduating, ministries either winding down or ramping up for the summer, school ending and so much more. (Perhaps you’re also about to have a transition in your own life.)

Here are some reminders as you move through these changes and transitions:

  • Aim to finish well. You see the finish line. Now’s the time to kick it up a gear and to ensure you’re finishing strong. The energy you bring to the close impacts how others finish as well.
  • Allow others to have appropriate closure. Whether it’s graduating students, families moving away (or maybe you’re moving on), or the conclusion of this ministry year, help the various people groups bring closure to this season. Celebrate those who are moving on. If you’re moving on, allow others to celebrate with you. Allowing for closure helps us ease into the next stage.
  • Hand off well. If you’re moving on, ensure that the next person has everything he or she needs to continue well. If you’ve got students moving to post-secondary studies, ensure they have contacts in their new temporary communities. Don’t assume someone else will take care of it; take care of what you can within your power.
  • Be ready for newcomers. This coming September, you’ll have some newbies in your youth ministry, both students and volunteers. While you may not be engaging them this month, start preparing the groundwork so they can fit in well. Perhaps it’s having a pre-fall BBQ to welcome all the new members. Meet up with each new volunteer to ensure they feel ready to jump in. Help partner each new student with a “buddy”.
  • Ensure there’s space before the next chapter. Having a space to rest, to reflect and to rest (yes, I said rest twice) helps you to have closure with this ministry chapter and prepare for the next one. Ensure your volunteers have that space as well.

Above all, give God the glory. (It helps keep your ego in check.) More importantly, it’s a reminder that we don’t accomplish this on our own strength, but through the One who gives us strength.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,

Praise Him all creatures here below.

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.