Family time is often sacrificed for other priorities nowadays. With seemingly endless and hectic schedules (both for parents and kids), a night together is hard to come by, unless that time is intentionally set aside. We’re hoping families will set aside time for the Ticats Faith and Family night.

We’re supporting the Ticats in their Faith and Family event on Saturday, August 15 for three reasons:

  1. To provide a space for families to build unique memories together
  2. To hear how Jesus impacts professional CFL players
  3. To help catalyze faith conversations among family members and beyond

Not only do you get to enjoy a Ticats game against the BC Lions, you’ll get to hear a Ticat player share his testimony about Jesus (and maybe even get an autograph). Plus the kids can run football drills on the field like the pros and they can even try to kick a field goal.

Families can make this a father-daughter night, a mother-son event, a grandparent-grandchild outing or just have everyone in their extended family come together.

For churches, this is a chance during the summer months to get groups of families together. Consider inviting a family from the neighbourhood to join you, and hopefully they can connect with other families from your church. If you’re hosting a summer day camp or VBS, the Ticats Faith and Family night can be the finale of your camp with all the kids and their families joining together. (You could even have a draw for tickets at your VBS.)

At the end of the day, we recognize that it’s not about the event itself; it’s about the faith conversations between kids, among parents and children, and between families. Saturday, August 15 is a day to do that together. See you at the game!