Each family does them differently. Our CBOQ family reunion aka Assembly is no different, but  something special happens every time our family of churches gather together. For me (Alvin), after being part of 17 Assemblies, I am encouraged by these common occurrences:

  • Friends greeting friends, especially if they haven’t seen each other since the last Assembly. There are numerous people I get to see once a year, and it’s a joy to see them.
  • Food is always involved. Meal times are great opportunities to catch up (shameless plug: RSVP for our late-nite Next Gen leaders gathering for Friday night).
  • Disagreements do happen. Within any family, members will almost certainly disagree about something, and that’s ok. I’ve found how we respond to those disagreements speaks volumes about our faith in Christ and our commitment to one another.
  • Christ is glorified. No matter where we come from (geographically, theologically, any other “ally”), we recognize that our aim is to worship Christ, remembering his redemptive work both on the cross and in the present.

Family reunions can be messy at times, but they are important and valuable because we are family under one God.