This story was submitted by Brook at First Baptist Church, Mount Forest.

When I attended the First Baptist Church and Youth Group, the volunteers and youth pastor were some of the best people I have met.

I was new to the church and group but when we went into lockdown, I was still treated like family. I was given my first personal Bible and it has a personal message from each of them. I attended Blizzard and was accepted with open arms by everyone and felt like I made some life-long friends. They continued to do virtual youth and hold in-person events when Covid restrictions lessened and it helped keep me motivated during a difficult time. They even created us gift baskets with words of prayer, baked goods and small gifts to keep us engaged and happy. They never realized how much that helped me. I tried to always express my gratitude and I hope they knew it helped me. One leader was always there to listen and I appreciated it so much.

Even as the pandemic and life changes have changed the dynamic, I wish them all luck in the ways their lives are now moving.