A couple weeks ago, I spoke at Camp Kwasind for their week, 1 camp. While I was responsible for two messages a day, I had time in between. At first, I would take my laptop to the deck, sit in a Muskoka chair and work away, but, internet access isn’t the strongest there.

I had to make a choice.

I could work, waiting impatiently for files to open and to access websites.. Or I could close my laptop, sit back and close my eyes. I chose the latter.

At first, I felt a bit awkward. After all, my task-oriented side was yelling at me that I wasn’t getting my to-do list done. But the freedom to rest was there.

Really, it was my own expectations to complete as many items as I could on that to-do list. While some items were urgent, most could wait till later. I chose to put those items to “later.” Other people had work to do, and were diligently completing them. At first, I did feel guilty just sitting there not doing anything.

But then, I sensed that freedom from God to enjoy this moment he’s given, and to just rest. Granted, I don’t always come to rest in a sabbath way many times. But it was good to just sit back, close my eyes and rest in him.

When will you rest?