Families that include those who have to go to work (whose jobs are deemed essential services), face a dilemma. Who will care for their children 

At the time of this posting, based on the list provided by the Ontario government, individuals may be able to provide home childcare services for fewer than 6 children. 

Could our members (including youth) help those in their neighbourhoods by providing childcare? 

A few days ago, CBOQ Kids developed a virtual day camp templateIt includes ideas for how churches can support those who are able to supervise children in their neighbourhoods. 

If you are a parent, reach out to someone you trust (who is not self-quarantined as defined by your local public health official) and ask if they are willing to care for your children. 

Perhaps you know a parent in this situation who could use your help. Before you offer, carefully consider the following: 

  • Do I need to be self-quarantined? Are there any health issues either with the children I am considering supervising (or their families)? Do any of the people I’ve been in contact with have any health concerns? 
  • Will I have 5 or less people in my house?
  • Am I comfortable with supervising both the number of children and their ages/levels of maturityAvoid having too many families gathered in one location. 
  • Can I ensure appropriate social/physical distancing, especially if I’m caring for multiple children? 
  • Do I have the necessary supplies to ensure appropriate sanitation (as per public health unit guidelines) and any other needs such as food? 
  • Am I familiar with all other guidelines as directed by my local public health unit? 
  • Do I have a plan of what to do with the children while I’m supervising them? (We suggest you take advantage of CBOQ Kids’ virtual day camp.) 

If done properly, this could be a great blessing to essential service workers in your neighbourhood. With proper due diligence, may we be a light of Christ in our communities to those who need it.