There are about 15 weeks left in the school year and for some of your students these are the final weeks of their high school career. So how are they preparing for that post-high school transition?

Hopefully by now, you’ve started conversations with those soon-to-be grads. If you have we would love you to share your insights on those conversations are at If you haven’t initiated conversations, consider using some of Transition 101’s Top 5 questions at as starter questions; you can also subscribe at

The purpose of those essential conversations is to help students think through how to be intentional in continuing their faith journey during that shift. Have they thought through the issues and conversations they’ll need to tackle in the coming months? They may not have thought of it and these conversations give them a chance to process what they’re feeling and thinking. Each student will encounter this shift differently, so provide them a space to work through their thoughts in a safe space.

Renegotiating Faith reminds us that a student is 66% more likely to remain in a faith community at a post-secondary campus if the home/sending church helps make that connection. If you haven’t already, research the campus ministry or church near the student’s next campus that will receive that student. While it’s not up to you to “handhold” that grad into their potentially new campus family, we urge you to help connect that bridge. (Transition 101 on June 1 is one venue to help make that bridge.)

Continue to pray. Not just yourself, but encourage others in your church to pray for the class of 2019. Ultimately, we trust the Holy Spirit to guide each grad in the life direction God has designed for them.

It’s our desire to see the class of 2019 not just survive the transition, but to thrive in their faith as they step into this next chapter.