About a year ago, we gathered with 50 youth leaders from across Canada for four days in Niagara Falls. Together, we seeked to discern God’s voice for our Canadian Baptist churches for the next generation. We’re excited to have the Imaginative Hope report available (and coming to your church very soon).

The Imaginative Hope report identified seven obstacles and five opportunities our churches face with Generation Z (and the ones to come). Whether your church has a striving youth ministry or has no youth ministry at all, this is a call to all our churches to step up and engage the upcoming generations.

In a few days, your church will receive several copies of the report (and you can download it here now). The intention is for a group of you to read and prayerfully discern together what your next steps are. We’re also here to help with that process if you’d like. Through this time, we believe God is raising the bar in our partnership with him to reach the next generation.

Imagine hope…because God’s hope for us and every generation never fails.