Stepping into another culture can have a profound impact on one’s faith. For those who have grown up in a Christian environment, we can easily assume “this is what faith is”. But when we step into another “world”, our faith can be challenged … and shaped for the better.

Next week, a team of 29 students and leaders from four churches (First Baptist Church in Smiths Falls, Glen Acres Baptist Church, Harmony Road Baptist Church and Heart Lake Baptist Church led by Wanda Huntington) will return to Los Alcarizzos, Dominican Republic to continue the work we’ve supported at the Lighthouse Project. For many, this first time overseas experience will inspire and challenge their faith and understanding of God.

On May 1-3, we’ll be hosting a smaller group of churches at Six Nations near Brantford, learning about our First Nations neighbours with the help of Joe Elkerston. These participants will revisit their understanding of that culture, and discuss together how faith is lived in that context, as well as ways their churches might be involved with a local reserve.

Whether local or global, stepping into other cultures where Jesus is already at shapes our worldview. Where does Jesus want you to step out next?