“It is finished.” These are the final words spoken by Jesus  on the cross before he died for all humanity. They seem conclusive, definitive and, perhaps at that moment, words of defeat?.

But on this side of history, we know what comes next. We know who and what is defeated. And we know that Jesus is victorious. New life begins. Jesus claimed that he would be the firstfruit of the resurrection. Paul called him the “second Adam”. In other words, it begins.

As we enter Holy Week ahead of that climactic moment in all of history:

  • May you delve deeper to parts of faith you’ve never before experienced
  • May the leaders and students in your midst be mindful of Christ’s work done for all of us
  • May your church family bear witness throughout their lives to the death and resurrection of Jesus
  • May your surrounding community take notice of Jesus, the one who came for them

It is finished. And it has already begun…