Where are you headed? What do you need to get there? As youth leaders, we pour into others, but what are ways you allow God to pour into you?

A few weeks ago, we suggested creating a learning track for your student leaders to help identify specific elements in building that person and who could provide those learning opportunities. It’s no different for you as a leader.

Below is a suggested template for tracking those developmental elements in a youth leader’s life. You may have other elements to add as well (if so, please suggest those in the comment section). The key to this tool is for you and your support circle to discuss what areas to develop and where that development can happen best. 

OVERVIEW OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR: ___________________________________ 

This tool tracks the topics to formulate leadership development and specifies who provides those services. 

Note: It is highly recommended the student has a mentor who can process the different learnings from each topic into an integrated, holistic understanding.  


Bible literacy   training      Bible college  
Media literacy         conferences  
Physical wellness       
Mental wellness           
Event management     event team      
Public presentation     as speaker    
Cross-cultural experiences    CBAC exchange      CBM 

International Teams 

Customer service / servant leadership       
Mentoring / sharing life    workshop    
Mission Training    Compassion coordinator training    
Small group management        
Risk assessment        
Peer coaching        
Spiritual disciplines training        
Personal goal management