Bringing the truth of God to the next generation isn’t unique to our time; it’s been happening for centuries. It’s a biblical mandate, too (cf. Psalm 78:1-8).

So who has preceded you?

It’s good for you to remember the people you are aware of that God has worked through to influence the upcoming generation.

  • Those who have impacted you personally through mentoring
  • Those who have made intangible (maybe even subtle) contributions to the youth ministry within your church
  • Those who’ve had a broad reach whether through their teachings or other media

It’s good, once in a while, to give thanks to God for those who came before us and were intentional about bringing the truth of God to the upcoming generation. If you can, consider offering them a word of gratitude by whatever means are available!

One example was Bill Masson. Yesterday, his family and friends celebrated his life. He was a tremendous supporter of CBOQ Youth in its infancy, generous with his resources and exemplifying a life of faith. We are grateful for the many lives he impacted (even without his awareness).

Who’s been that influence for you? (Comment below.)