In our Baptist tradition, we believe that each local church can discern the voice of God and where he is leading them. At the same time, we recognize that we can’t do everything ourselves.

In youth ministry, there are moments when it’s best to gather as a local tribe for teaching, fellowship, and to listen for God’s promptings specific to that tribe.. However, there are times when it’s necessary to partner with others and become part of something bigger; something we’re not able to do by ourselves.

At CBOQ Youth, those multi-group gatherings are the premise of the events we host like Avalanche, Blizzard, and Centre Court. We look for opportunities that a local church may not be able to run independently, like a retreat for400-500 students or a post-game program at courtside after a Toronto Raptors game. Together, we’re able to more effectively use those combined resources with exponential results.

There are also great benefits for all partnering groups:

  • The youth worker(s) can share the responsibility with others, which allows for more time with students.
  • As mentioned before, the combined resources multiply into greater effectiveness.
  • Your students experience a larger community of believers outside their local context.

Whether your partnership includes a large event like Centre Court or a combined weekend retreat with another local church, find ways to extend your youth ministry into God’s larger family.

What else do you like partnering in?