The excitement of the coming of Jesus can be surreal at times. I can’t imagine what the first Christmas was like, to experience the juxtaposition of a dingy stable where Jesus was born to the grand angelic choir that announced his birth. Luke 2:19 tells us that Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Again, after Jesus’ visit to the temple at age 12, v51 tells us that Mary again “treasured all these things in her heart”.

In the midst of this advent season, what are you treasuring in your heart? As we approach the new year, we typically take some time to reflect on the past with anticipiation/anxiety for the future. It’s important to recognize what we’re treasuring, and to celebrate the goodness of God in those moments.

Some suggestions:

  • Take some alone time. Even if it’s for a 15 minutes, sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and recount those moments you’ve treasured this past year.
  • Celebrate as a youth group. If you’re having a Christmas party, take 10 min together and offer some prayers of memories and gratitude to God.
  • Write a reminder to the future. Encourage your students to write something they want to remind their future selves of, and mail it 11 months from now at the start of the 2016 advent season.

What else do you or your youth group do to treasure those moments?