Do you have students about to graduate high school this June? What are their next steps? Here are some considerations and options in helping them make their next move.

If they’re heading to school in another city, plan a visit to their prospective campus. If you as the youth leader can’t accompany them, encourage the students to visit campus with their parents/guardians. If you have students heading to Ontario universities (or if you’re a student yourself), contact Transition 101 to have campus ministry reps meet them during their visits. Renegotiating Faith reminds us that when the sending church helps to bridge a grad into their next faith community, they are 4x more likely to remain with that community.

If they’re not ready for post-secondary studies but are looking to solidify their foundation in faith and life, consider a gap year program such as Claystone or Kurios. There are so many options. These can be life-transforming experiences that set that person on a God-led trajectory.

Encourage students who are considering staying home for school, work or an apprenticeship, to think about  spending the following year (September to June) attending another local church. This provides them with an opportunity to explore faith in a different expression and learn new ministry skills. A grad may return to their sending church better equipped or they may find their place with a new community. You can find more details at under “young adult exchange”.

For students taking a victory lap at high school, we will soon release a gap year template. This is a customizable program in which these grad can take proactive steps in solidifying their life foundation. We’re aiming to release this in early April.

Whatever the next chapter is for your high school grads, help them think through their next steps prayerfully. The better we walk with them, the more likely they will journey with Jesus going forward.