One month has already passed in this school year. Your high school grads are only nine months away from graduation. How are you supporting them in their transition to emerging adulthood?

Renegotiating Faith highlighted that home church youth groups and mentors are key in the successful shift into emerging adulthood. Here is one way for you to help your grads.

On June 1, 2019, we along with Power 2 Change, Inter Varsity, Ambassadors for Christ and the Navigators, are hosting a one-day conference where your high school grads can meet upper-year students and soon-to-be-frosh heading to the same campus as them. This year, we’ve added another resource in that preparation.

Each month (starting in November), we’ll be offering the Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Grad this month. These are discussion starters you can ask them as they finish their high school career and prepare for post-secondary life.

You can subscribe for free at When you do subscribe, you’ll get two questions immediately, plus a bonus question for you.

If you or someone else is mentoring a grad and not sure how to support them, consider using our CBOQ Youth “Grad Mentoring Kit. These are discussion starters to help your high school grad think through how they’ll prepare for God’s next steps.

The next few months will be filled with exhilaration, anxiety, confusion and blessed moments. We continue to pray alongside you as you walk this transition with your grads.