Over the years, we’ve coordinated what we called an event internship where youth and young adults came to serve at Avalanche and Blizzard while honing their ministry skills. Over the last 12 months, we’ve redesigned that program into what we call “Slingshot”.

We recognize that today’s young adult isn’t always able to commit to a program long-term (some don’t even know what they’re doing the next hour). We also recognize that a local church may not have the resources to train on specific ministry skills.


A slingshot takes an object, applies intense pressure and releases it with momentum in a specific direction. Similarly, we bring your young adults together for an intense leadership assessment (through a tool provided by 321Launch), developing a personalized program, using the event as a “testing ground” for that new skill development, and launching them back into your local ministry context at a higher level.

Our Avalanche and Blizzard retreats are now looking for Slingshot students. Perhaps you have someone ages 16 and up who you see would benefit from this program in their own development and in their ministry with you. If so, have them go to cboqyouth.ca/slingshot to apply today.

Note: We will also have Slingshot opportunities for our CABC Springforth Exchange, Assembly, Centre Court and Ticats.