We want our students in our youth ministries to thrive both in their faith and in their lives for the glory of God. Do you know what areas to focus on? Do you know how they can best be trained?  

Below is a suggested template for tracking those developmental elements in a student’s life. You may have other elements to add as well (if so, leave those in the comment section). The key to this tool is for youth and youth leaders/mentors/parents to discuss what areas to develop and where that development can happen best. 

OVERVIEW OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR: ___________________________________ 

This tool tracks the topics to formulate leadership development and specifies who provides those services. 

Note: It is highly recommended the student has a mentor who can process the different learnings from each topic into an integrated, holistic understanding.  

Bible literacy 
Media literacy 
Physical wellness      Kwasind LIT    
Mental wellness         
Event management    slingshot     
Public presentation    slingshot     
Cross-cultural experiences    CBAC exchange    CBM 

International Teams 

Customer service    slingshot  LIT