Do you remember what finishing grade 12 (or grade 13 or OAC depending on your year of graduation) was like? For many, it’s a mixture of excitement, stress, relief, and anxiety. For some, the shift to post-secondary life means Jesus takes a back seat. So how do we help students sustain their faith in this transition?

Here are some ways you can support your grade 12 grads (some of these are listed at

  • Is there at least one person (preferably more) who are walking alongside them, caring for them for the next 12 months? Whether they are heading away for school, studying and staying home, or heading into the workforce, the next few months will be a whole new experience as they continue towards adulthood. It’s crucial for them to recognize who’s there for them.
  • Celebrate this chapter of life! Have some kind of commissioning during your worship service or set aside another time to celebrate what they’ve accomplished through graduation.
  • For those going away to study, do they have a community to connect to on the other side? As part of God’s kingdom, helping them to at least find a church community provides a place to serve and grow. For those heading to university, connecting with a campus ministry can be a key place of growth. (BTW, if you do have someone heading to an Ontario public university, consider inviting them to Transition 101; info is at

There are some great ways to support the class of 2017. What else would you suggest?