23 01, 2023

Next Gen Pastors Retreat 2023

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Inviting all Children and Youth Pastors to Camp Kwasind for our first ever CBOQ Next Gen Retreat. Join us for a time of networking, worship and equipping. Margaret Boersma, a passionate educator, trainer, consultant, and speaker who is dedicated to equipping educators, parents, and pastors with communication and leadership skills including novel teaching methods and emotional intelligence will lead us through an interactive and practical training session called "Empowering Your

24 05, 2019

Planning for Next Year

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You’ve got a few more weeks of youth group left before the summer season comes. For some of you, the summer brings rest and a break. Others of you switch into another gear. Either way, it’s important to plan long before September comes. Do you know what you’ll be doing next year? You may be asking, “Why am I already planning next year?” A few reasons: It gives you and

30 04, 2018

Next Step 2018-19

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This season of ministry is wrapping up with a variety of celebrations. Now’s a great time to start thinking about where God is leading your ministry next season and next year. So what are your next steps? CBOQ Youth is launching our annual Next Steps survey. We hope you’ll take the time (about 10 min) to complete it. The survey provides us with 2 key insights from you: What are

24 02, 2018

CBOQ Sunday coming up March 4

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This Sunday (March 4) is CBOQ Sunday. This year is special (at least for the Next Gen team) because the focus is the Next Generation. It's our hope that, for part of your Sunday service, you will focus on what we're doing as a family of churches with this upcoming generation. By now, you should have received the latest edition of The Canadian Baptist magazine. In it are several articles

23 04, 2014

Finding your youth ministry's Next Steps

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Lao-tzu) What grand plans do you have? For some, youth ministry is seen as a catalyst for change, whether in students or for the church as a whole. For others, they have no idea where the youth ministry is going next week let alone three years down the road. (Change can be petrifying.) So how do you move forward

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