You’ve got a few more weeks of youth group left before the summer season comes. For some of you, the summer brings rest and a break. Others of you switch into another gear. Either way, it’s important to plan long before September comes. Do you know what you’ll be doing next year?

You may be asking, “Why am I already planning next year?” A few reasons:

  • It gives you and your volunteers a chance to map out key dates to set aside now
  • It provides your church with information in advance so it’s in their calendar
  • It gives parents a heads-up on any significant events so they can plan accordingly (both in their calendars and, if applicable, financially)

It doesn’t mean you have to have every detail in place. However, some key elements to cover before the end of June:

  • What are the major events you need to block off? Whether that’s a retreat, a conference, other major church activities or community events, it’s good to note those times now
  • What are the major themes/topics you’re considering for next year? This gives you an opportunity to research (if you haven’t already) what resources are out there during the summer. If you already know what topics, BONUS!
  • Are there any dates you need to avoid? Whether it’s a community event (like high school commencement) or your church’s Christmas dinner, take note of those dates you need to work around

What you put together isn’t carved in stone; you can still make adjustments as you go along. It’s usually easier to edit rather than create on the fly. This planning process is a form of discernment, so prayerfully consider where God might be leading this youth ministry in the coming months.

If you need help putting together a 1-year calendar, email Alvin for details.