In the next nine weeks, I’ll be involved in 3 retreats, 1 leadership conference, organizing 1 Compassion Experience and a Raptors outreach event (plus we’ll throw in 3 church consultations). This is our high season at CBOQ Youth.

In the midst of the organized chaos, God gave me a reminder from a devotion shared by Gloria Stafford at our last Avalanche planning meeting based on Ephesians 3:14-21. The one phrase that my mind locked on was “I fall on my knees and pray to the Father”.

The next few weeks will involve a lot of work with a lot of hours and energy. However, it can’t be based on my own strength; it must be on the reliance on God. This means I still need to ensure I’m spending time with God, ensuring I get enough rest and not having these activities become my ultimate consumption.

To serve God is an honour and privilege. However, to just serve is to miss why he’s included me in the first place: to share the love and grace he’s offered to all humanity through Jesus.