This fall, CBOQ Kids created a new resource called the “Grandtastic Adventure“. The intention with this resource kit is to provide different ways for grandparents to connect and support their grandchildren spiritually. You can hear more from Tanya at about why and how this resource can be a great help.

From a youth ministry perspective, many of these resources are very applicable. Grandparents can be that alternative voice when youth are trying to differentiate from their parents. While beginning young sets a strong foundation, grandparents can still take the initiative to support their grandkids at any age.

This kit isn’t just exclusive to biological grandparents; many parts of it can be used for “adoptive” grandkids i.e. youth whom seniors mentor. When those spaces are available for youth to delve deep into their faith, including the questions, doubts, celebrations and frustrations, youth often invite their friends into that space.

Whether you have an established youth ministry or you are a small congregation who’s average age is past retirement with a few youth/kids under the age of 18, the Grandtastic Adventure is one way to provide space for those kids to meet and know Jesus through you.

For more details or to download your kit, go to