January to March is our high season with five events over 10 weeks. I (Alvin) admit I’m not good at taking a step back to be in the moment with God. Too many times, I’m thinking ahead to what’s next.

And yet, when I think back to Luke 2, twice the author points out that Mary “treasured” two moments: Jesus’ birth along with the jubilant exclamation of the shepherds, and Jesus in the temple with the elders with his questions and answers. I imagine those two moments were filled with adrenaline, to some extent anxiety and probably a sense of overwhelmingness.

Yet Mary took those moments and treasured them. I wonder how often she went back to those moments, to reflect and to understand the fullness of what they meant.

While I’m not good at taking in what God has presented before me at the moment, I appreciate the recollection memories bring and, in the midst of high season, some moments where I can “treasure” and “ponder” as Mary did.

May you, in the midst of seasons of busyness, take those moments to treasure today, tomorrow and forevermore.