Most years, the Christmas season feels busy and sometimes rushed—even in the church. Many of us juggle different celebrations, gatherings and other obligations. This year, however, it’s changed and a lot of us are feeling a different anxiety or longing for missed traditions.

In Luke 2, we read these words: “Mary treasured up all these things” (v19, 51). In fact, we see those words twice! The first time after the shepherds came to see the newborn Saviour and went rejoicing to all who would listen. The second time was 12 years later after their encounter with Jesus in the temple.

For many, this Christmas will be drastically different. Yet in that “drastic differentness”, we might ask God to reveal a part of Christmas we’ve never noticed before (or need to be reminded of again). Perhaps this year, we might take time to “treasure up all these things”. Hopefully things aren’t as busy as they were before. If you have some “down” time, take the time to “ponder them” as Mary did in the days/months/years following the shepherds’ celebration of Jesus’s birth.

May this Christmas season be filled with moments in which you can “treasure up all these things”.