Did you know there are multiple ways to contact us? (You may not know about a couple of new ones.) You can connect with us via …

  • Text: Text 416-620-2946 and one of our staff will respond back to you. You can even get updates via SMS by texting “youth411” for upcoming announcements and updates or “youthevents” to get the latest on our upcoming events.
  • Through our website: You can go to cboqyouth.ca/contact and message us directly.
  • Email: You can either email us at cboqyouth@baptist.ca or send a message to one of our staff specifically (you can find their contact info at cboqyouth.ca/our-staff).
  • Phone call: Our text line is also our main office line at 416-620-2946. Leave a message and one of us will respond back you as promptly as we can.
  • Facebook: Like us at facebook.com/cboqyouth.
  • Twitter: Follow us at twitter.com/cboqyouth.
  • Instagram: We’re just starting to post @cboqyouth now.
  • Postal mail: You can always send us mail at 5 International Blvd, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 6H3.

Our hope is to keep our lines of communication open to you. Let us know how we can best serve you. Looking forward to connecting soon.