This week thousands of students are off school for March Break, which is  a prime opportunity for learning!

Here are some examples of what some students are involved in this week:

  • Compassion Experience, Dominican Republic: We have 23 students and leaders from three churches representing CBOQ Youth and International Teams in Los Alcarizzos. They’ll be serving at the Lighthouse Project and the surrounding community. You can keep up to date with their daily blogs at
  • Almost 1000 students will be at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church for a Teens Conference (hosted by Ambassadors for Christ). These two 2-day conferences are key ministry moments for many of our GTA Chinese churches.
  • Day camps and mission trips: Many of our churches will be serving local and international communities by offering day camp and short-term local mission experiences.

During this March break, whether you’re involved in these or other opportunities, please consider the following :

  • Pray for these ministries as they represent Christ to different communities.
  • If you’re not hosting your regularly scheduled youth group time, perhaps use some of that time to pray for your students, leaders, parents, church and community.
  • Hang out with some students or families in ways that are different from the normal routine.
  • Make sure you touch base with those students and families who may not have any extraordinary plans (who may feel left out because everyone else is off doing other stuff).
  • If you do have some time off this week, then rest well. Maybe even see if there’s a way to give some restful space for volunteers who don’t get this week off.

What else will you be doing this week?