Next March break, what will your youth ministry be doing? While you may still be readjusting to what on-site programming looks like now or navigating other parts of youth ministry, it’s a good time to begin discerning what could be happening a few months from now.

For many youth ministries, March break is an opportunity to serve beyond what their group normally does. At this point, an overseas Compassion Experience may not be available, however there are other opportunities both local and regional for you to consider. (All of this is caveated with any further pandemic guidelines from public health agencies.)

How can you begin this process?

  • Invite others to pray with you. Invite the youth group (especially those who express interest) to pray intentionally about March Break. Invite some of your parents to pray. Invite some of the church leaders to pray.
  • Among those who are interested, assess what kinds of gifts/skills you have cumulatively.
  • Determine how far you’d be willing to go. Do you want to remain local i.e. day trips? Within the province? Within Canada?

Some possible opportunities:

  • Operate an in-person or online day camp for the kids in your neighbourhood.
  • Ask churches in the area and see if they require any help (e.g. minor renovations, audio-visual training, assisting a ministry).
  • Ask your local municipal councillor for ways to serve your neighbourhood.

If you need ideas, contact Alvin to see what other opportunities may be available.

Depending on your scope, there may be other people you need to consult in this. Whatever way you choose to spend your March break, we trust it will be one that glorifies God.