Sometimes, in the midst of leading a ministry, seldom do we get a chance to take a step back to see what’s happening at that moment … unless we intentionally do so. Whether we like it or not, things change and things evolve. But if we don’t take that step back every so often, the changes/evolutions happen right under our nose.

Last year, we launched the ministry audit. While it may sound daunting, it’s essentially taking a step back and seeing what exactly are the ministry’s tangible objectives, programs/structures and assets. Usually, when a ministry doesn’t seem to be reaching its full potential, it’s because one (or more) of those three are not aligned. By taking that step back and seeing that snapshot, it helps to clarify what needs to be addressed and how. This can be done within a ministry team. It is helpful sometimes to have a 3rd-party view of that snapshot, offering a different perspective on what you might see.

If you think it might be valuable to have a ministry audit done, contact Alvin for more details.